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Site Content Analyzer 3 – Overview

Professional website content parser

Site Content Analyzer 3 is new generation in website analysis software. It parses website on- and offline for keywords, suggests the most relevant and weighty phrases, analyzes link structure, and many more. With it, you can quickly discover the most relevant keywords and keyphrases for each page of your site, learn if the parameters of your site (that is keyword density, keyword weight etc) meet the guidelines of search engines. Moreover, all the info can be represented in a branded, highly-customizable report which you can export to PDF document or send by e-mail.

Site Content Analyzer 3 supports Unicode in full and thus you can analyze websites in any language.

Site Content Analyzer 3 - keyword phrases suggestion software, website keywords optimization
Main window

System requirements: CPU 1,5 GHz, 512 MB RAM, Windows 2000/XP/Vista, Internet access.

This is a shareware 30-day free trial version. The unregistered version doesn’t allow you to save projects and has limited export capabilites.


What’s New (version 3.2 – June 6, 2008):

  • Multi-language interface
  • Bug fixes

What’s New (version 3.1 – February 12, 2008):

  • Fixed some minor issues under Windows Vista
  • Bug fixes

What’s New (version 3.0 – August 9, 2007):

  • New convenient interface
  • Windows Vista support
  • More indepth keyword analysis. Now includes: keyword density in tags, the ability to add your own tags to consider etc.
  • Composite words analysis (such as: New York, Costa Rica and so on).
  • Flexible CSV export
  • Highly customizable, branded reports with ability to export them to PDF or send by e-mail.
  • Now you can save the parser preferences in a profile and quickly switch between profiles
  • Drag-and-drop support
  • More flexible keyword weight tunning
  • Full Unicode support – you can parse any page in any language
  • Improved downloading capabilites.
  • Keyphrase filter
  • Custom keyphrases – you can evaluate any phrase you want, even if Site Content Analyzer didn’t suggest it.
  • Keyword cloud mode – allows you to quickly uncover the most important keywords and phrases at first sight
  • In-site links analysis mode
  • Command-line switches
  • Bugfixes and many small improvements


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