Menambah Repo Tim Burgess Di ClearOS

Menambah Repo Tim Burgess Di ClearOS

Sumber dari Tim Burgess, Clear Foundation, & Forum ClearOS Indonesia

Tim Burgess


Untuk bisa menginstall aplikasi/module tambahan buatan Tim Burgess di ClearOS maka perlu menambah repo Tim Burgess di ClearOS.clearos

Masuk dalam sistem ClearOS melalui putty, dengan hak akses root, kemudian masukkan perintah berikut :

# rpm --import


# rpm -Kv timb-release-1-0.noarch.rpm

# rpm -Uvh timb-release-1-0.noarch.rpm


Untuk me-enable-kan repo, ketik perintah berikut :

# yum --enablerepo=timb


Jika ingin upgrade semua repo yang telah terinstall dengan repo terbaru, ketik perintah berikut :

# yum --enablerepo=timb upgrade BackupPC



Berfungsi untuk memonitoring hardisk, melalui monitoring WebConfig pada ClearOS. SMART “Self-Monitoring, Analysis and Reporting Technology” atau kurang lebih “teknologi memonitor diri, menganalisa dan melaporkan”, fungsinya untuk memonitor kondisi hardisk, misalnya ada sedikit indikasi kerusakan hardisk, sysadmin bisa segera melakukan back-up sebelum hardisk itu benar-benar mati.

Cara instalasi sebagai berikut :

yum –enablerepo=timb install app-smart

Kemudia untuk melihat tools SMART sudah terpasang apa tidak di clear os, bisa dilihat melalui webconfig dibagian System > Hardware > SMART

Untuk meng-uninstall lakukan perintah berikut :

# yum remove app-smart


Bandwidth Monitoring Tool

Aplikasi webconfig ini memberikan info bagaimana aliran bandwidth di sistem ClearOS anda. Pernahkah anda merasa ingin memeriksa apakah aturan distribusi bandwidth yang dibuat dalam sistem ClearOS Anda sudah efektif? pencocokan lalu lintas yang dimaksudkan, dan memprioritaskan / pembatasan lalu lintas?

Dengan mempergunakan aplikasi ini, anda bisa melakukan semua itu. Aplikasi ini terinspirasi oleh aplikasi TCCS(TC Class Statistics Parser).

This webconfig app will let you get under the skin of the bandwidth rules created by ClearOS. Ever wanted to check whether the rules you have in place are effective? matching the intended traffic, and are prioritising / capping traffic? well now you can. This app was inspired by the TCCS (tc class statistics parser)

The bandwidth system consists of two intermediate queueing devices (imq) that sit between the ClearOS box and the internet. These devices filter upload and download traffic and prioritise according to the defined rules. The app will display each of the rules on each interface, whether packets are being dropped, over the limits, or creating a backlog. It will also show which classes are consistently borrowing traffic from others.

Bandwidth is distributed between all the classes according to their rate, and their priority. When a class needs more traffic than it’s rate it will attempt to borrow more from the parent class. The priority in which traffic is borrowed and shared is based on the priority of the class. Each class can borrow more traffic up to the ceiling limit. You can artificially limit traffic by setting the ceiling limit lower than your upload.

The top table will list all rules which have seen traffic since the firewall was restarted. It’s essentially a static snapshot – refresh the page to see updates….(todo: use AJAX to update the table)

Cara instalasi sebagai berikut :

# yum --enablerepo=timb install app-bandwidth-monitor

Kemudia untuk melihat tools Bandwidth Monitoring Tool sudah terpasang apa tidak di ClearOS, bisa dilihat melalui webconfig dibagian :

Navigate to Gateway > Bandwidth and QOS > Bandwidth Monitor


Untuk meng-uninstall lakukan perintah berikut :

# yum remove app-bandwidth-monitor


Webconfig eAccelerator

It basically stores cached versions of the php scripts so that they do not have to be regenerated every time the page loads.

The webconfig runs in it’s own sandbox, and with it’s own PHP. This RPM installer will install cleanly along side your existing webconfig, and give it that little boost.

# yum --enablerepo=timb install webconfig-php-eaccelerator

service webconfig restart

This will not affect any of your existing web sites, or existing PHP eAccelerator installs as it runs out of the webconfig directory.


Network DNS Tools

Ever wanted to run a reverse DNS, ping, traceroute or whois lookup without having to resort to the command line or a website? now you can.

This app provides basic network tools for the webconfig.

# yum --enablerepo=timb install app-network-tools

Navigate to Reports > Network Tools, then plug in your IP or domain name.

At present the input is passed directly to the command so you can add your own flags in addition to the IP’s if you wish


Live Bandwidth Graph

Ever wanted a nice live graph of network activity across your interfaces? now you can

This mod patches the webconfig dashboard to display a live dynamic graph for each interface. It uses the excellent open source chart from HighCharts ( which is free for non-profit use.

You can deselect any of the lines to show only one interface It updates every 2seconds, for a rolling period of 40seconds.


yum --enablerepo=timb install app-bandwidth-graph

yum install patch
patch -p0 < dashboard-index.php.v2.patch
patch -p0 <




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