Explaining Ideas Through Lean Canvas

Lean Canvas / Business Canvas Model is a combination of panels consisting of Problems, Solutions, Key Metrics, etc. Which are the elements that we can use to analyze the business that we will make. Or you could say in my opinion it’s almost something like  SWOT . So what does it mean from the problem, solution et al? And how to fill it? Immediately, see my explanation below.


What is a Problem?
You could say in that problem is our place to write down the problems that we want to solve using our products.
I take the example, for example, I made an application to pay for snacks using the QR Code feature and pay school fees through the application. Then the problem that I want to solve using my product is like the picture above.


What are Existing Alternatives?

Existing alternatives are other alternatives if customers do not use our products. For example, if we take the example of Go-Jek products   then to fill in the existing alternatives, we can use the question “If Go-Jek is not available, then what alternatives will the customer use?” Then we can fill in our existing alternatives by taking a  motorcycle taxi, grab, and public transportation such as buses.


What is Solution?

Solution is the solution we offer from our products. What can customers get by using our products?


What is Key Metrics?
Key metrics are steps that customers must take to get service / products from us.


What is Unique Value Proposition?
Unique Value Proposition is our product’s added value or value compared to other products.




What is a High-Level Concept?
High-Level Concept is a short sentence that can explain our product. Try to explain with as few words as possible but can include all of our product descriptions.


What is Unfair Advantage?
Unfair Advantage is an advantage or advantage of our business that cannot or is very difficult for others to imitate. You could say Unfair Advantage is something special about our products, the hallmark of our products.
What are Channels?
Channels are our way to distribute our products or how to market our products to customers. 


What is Customer Segment?
Customer Segments are customers that we target to use or buy our products.


What are Early Adopters?
What we have to fill in early adopters is approximately which customers would often use our products.


What is Cost Structure?
Cost Structure is a list of costs that we must incur in running a business.


What is Revenue Stream?
Revenue Stream is a source of income from our business or what we take from customers.

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