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Crawling google scholar data with octoparse

Octoparse functions to dig data based on html code owned by a web apps, data with a special script, for example encapsulated data can not be retrieved by octoparse.

The application for me is very useful if we need data from a web application with many domains, because we only need to make one logic / plot, then it is applied to all domains, with a note, having the same system.

The free version so far is enough, but it always happens to manually make a flow for every time you want to scan a web.

The tutorial can be seen in the following video:

Special thanks to Feddy whos made this video.

In the video, octoparse is used to crawl google scholar account profile data based on the name of the institution, then look for the value of the security, is there a * sign and a line. later finally also obtained double account profile data and accounts that are not real people (based on names and profiles).

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