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Assalamu’alaykum | Selamat Datang di Blognya Hilfan @ Tel-U

Welcome to Hilfan Soeltansyah’s blog through the Telkom University Campus Blog. Broadly speaking this blog serves as a bookmark of every article that I consider important and useful to me personally (hopefully useful also for readers of this blog). So there are times when what is read might have been on other blogs, especially my blog on wordpress and blogspot, but I tried to adapt it first. The source of the original writing, sometimes written in the header but sometimes in the footer, and even then if not forgotten. ;)


Because in this blog contains things that interest me, then from some of the writings are grouped into several categories and sub categories, namely:

Belajar Islam : contains a collection of scientific writings based on Islam

Enterpreneurship : collection of writings to support entrepreneurial knowledge

  • Leadership & Managerial : writing about leadership and management

ICT : various posts regarding information system technology

  • Free to Use : various items regarding free software are used

    • FOSS : softwareopensource reviews

    • Debian Family : various things related to Linux for Debian Derivatives

    • Redhat Family : various things related to Linux for Reddies

      • ClearOS : special info related to ClearOS

  • World Wide Web : everything that smells about the internet

Info Akademik : info on various things for the campus world

  • Pemeringkatan Institusi : review of various things about institutional ranking

Mix : just a mix of any issue

  • Mechanical Electrical : all things concerning the mechanical and electronic fields

  • Multimedia : anything related to the world of multimedia (graphics, audio, video)


This blog has the Just Shared theme, meaning that what is on this blog is intended to share knowledge, whatever it is and from anywhere. So with Tag line “Sharing knowledge even if just forwarding news from other people …” I hope the enthusiasm for disseminating information continues to fly, apologizing if in its realization there are those who feel the writing originated in Copas, and makes the blog not indexed properly by Google. I am really trying to always include the original source, not bad for backlinks … hehehe :)


If there are feedback and objections, please fill out our contact form on the Contact Me page, don’t forget, sir …: p

Happy reading … Hopefully useful … Barahuallahu


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