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Jeff Hoogland has announced release of Bodhi Linux 2.0 at 26 July 2012.

When I try to run the Live, I found no change on the interface. It looks like the previous Bodhi Linux version.

One different thing I found is the plymouth fix. In the previous version, I must press Enter to enter desktop and to shut down (but nothing notification to do it!). In this new release, no need to enter any key.


Bodhi Linux is Ubuntu-derived distro (CMIIW) that feature Enlightenment window manager.

Desktop of Bodhi Linux 2.0

I think Enlightenment is the most fastest-yet-beautiful window manager. We even can run Inkscape faster than running it from other Linux Distros (include Ubuntu itself).

PCManFm file manager on Bodhi Linux 2.0

Unfortunately, there is one thing that I think it is a bug. An active window is determined by mouse. So, where the mouse is over at, that is the active window. When we move mouse pointer to another window, the active application is changed. This is very confusing for beginners (moreover Windows users).

Active App on Bodhi Linux 2.0 is determined by mouse over

Thinking about speed performance, I can say Jeff Hoogland’s Bodhi Linux is the best. If Jeff can fix about active window that depends on mouse move, I think Bodhi Linux is very good for those who look for fast, modern look Linux distro.

Another problem is that, by default Bodhi Linux doesn’t come with complete application. No office suite, no graphic application, no printer server (CMIIW) even no image viewer! The good news is, users can download applications they like with simple installer that can be found at Bodhi AppCenter.

To install Bodhi Linux with complete application, download the ISO from here and download Nikhila Application Set (512 MB).


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