Digital Marketing Training Week 1 Define Your Website’s Objectives

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Task 1: Define Your Website’s Objectives

This week spend an hour defining objectives and goals for

Why is this important?

Setting absolute goals and objectives for your website will help you to optimize the organization of your site’s content and design. By defining your website’s primary goals and target audience, you will get a clear picture of what needs to be highlighted on your website in order to capture your customers’ attention.


Step #1: Define Your Website’s Primary Goals

Decide whether you want your website to:

▪ Gather email addresses
▪ Gather data (form completion)
▪ Increase online sales conversions

Whatever you decide, it helps to brainstorm and document your website’s primary goals and communicate it to your web designer. This way your website can be as efficient as possible at achieving your chosen conversion type.


Step #2: Define Your Target Market

What are the demographics of your target market?

▪ What is the age group of your audience?
▪ Is your audience location-specific or globalGeo target your site if it is location specific.
▪ What is their economic status? (Consider this in regards to service/product rates and introductory offers).
▪ How familiar are they with the web? This will help you decide on the kind of website layout, navigation and level of keyword complexity to use.


Step #3: Define Your Unique Selling Proposition (USP)

You now need to define the advantages your product or service has over your competition. Do a little competitive research using the following free tool fromKeywordSpy.

▪ Enter your keyword and find out which websites rank high with it.
▪ Go through those websites and find out what you have that they do not.
▪ Consider offering a part of your product/service for free in order to capture the attention of your online audience.


Competitor Keyword Research with Keyword Spy


Step #4: Define Your Call-to-Action (CTA)

Once you have grabbed your visitors’ attention, what do you want them to do? It is time to define your Call-to-Action. This is often displayed on a clickable button on your site and next to a big arrow.

The following are various examples:

▪ Buy Now/Order Now
▪ Download Now
▪ Subscribe Now
▪ Free Trial
▪ Contact Us
▪ Sign Up

To supercharge your CTA, you can accompany it with phrases that convey urgency or exclusivity:

▪ Subscribe Now to Get a Free Gift
▪ Register Now, Limited Time Offer
▪ Sign Up Now to Receive a 20% Discount


Example of a Call-to-Action button


Step #5: Track and Measure Your Goals

Set your website’s goals and measure its conversions using Google’s free web analytics tool, Google Analytics.

You will learn how to set-up goals in Google Analytics in next week’s email!


Resources for Further Learning:

▪ Blog Article: Back to Basics
▪ Blog Article: Make Clear Goals While Building a Website
▪ Video: Defining Website Goals

Next week, we will walk you through how to configure and use Google Analytics to Measure Conversions.


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woorank Team Digital Marketing Training Week 1 Define Your Website's Objectives
Digital Marketing Training Week 1 Define Your Website’s Objectives

The WooRank Team

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