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What is MegaZine3?

MegaZine3 recreates the look and feel of actual books or magazines on the screen.
And much more… all kind of multimedia content like video and audio and interactive forms, games and quiz are supported.

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MegaZine3 offers unique flexibility, openness and power. A result of the Plugin concept, a customizable user interface (GUI) and easy configruation with files in standard XML format.

Current version

Version 2.1.3 still is the actual version; for some more days…
The new version 2.2.0 will be available soon; together with a new shop, realized cleverbridge, our new reseller.
Both is planned for January 2015.

New Features of v2.2.0

Some new features are:

  • Support of Windows 7/8, MAC OSx and Linux as development platform (PDF conversion, configuration)
  • Support of Android, Windows and MAC OSx for viewing MegaZine3 content.
    The new program/application “mz3Viewer” already supports Android tablets, and will be available as free app in Gloogle PlayStore soon. An iOS version is in preparetion.
    Without the need of a browser, this new solution supports

    • Fully downloaded/copied MZ3 Titles (books, reports, magazines, photo books, …), saved locally. No network connections are needed.
    • Partially downloaded MZ3 Titles, with access to special content like video files over the internet or local network. This reduces memory needs; interesting for tablet devices.
    • Access over the internet, like with a common browser but limited to MegaZine3 titles. No FLASH plugins are needed, no uncontrolled access to dangerous content.
  • Full gesture support; with both mouse and touch gesture support
  • Most features now configurable with parameters instead of editing XML files (ASUL files).
  • Second set of icons/buttons with double the size; ideal for mobile devices. Selectable automatically or via a paramter
  • Alternative page navigation: a slider  instead ot the page buttons (“bubbles”)


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