Create a Flash Flipping Book From any PDF in Seconds

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Quick Tip: Create a Flash Flipping Book From any PDF in Seconds
 on Mar 1st 2011

In this Quick Tip we’ll take a look at a really useful online utility that will help us convert any PDF to a SWF virtual book with just a few clicks. Read on to learn more!


Step 1: What is a Flash Virtual Book?

flash virtual book pdf swf

A Flash Virtual Book is a Flash movie that recreates the look of a real book on screen. It is commonly used in digital catalogs or magazines. Check the demo included in this tip to see an interactive example.

Step 2: About the Tool

flash virtual book pdf swf

An excellent online tool was used to create the file from the demo, it uses a very simple interface (an HTML form) to specify the source PDF and parameters required to make the conversion.

You can find this tool on the CodeBox website.

Step 3: How it Works

flash virtual book pdf swf

With the PDF selected, the application will proceed to divide the pages into separate SWF files that will be later used by a SWF container. This SWF container will use an automatically generated XML file to load the pages and parameters. Finally, a zip file will store all the files and put them ready for download.

Step 4: Conversion

flash virtual book pdf swf

The steps to convert the file are really straightforward; just fill in and/or modify the parameters to meet your needs and press the Start Conversion button. You’ll need to wait a few seconds, after which a download link will appear when the conversion is complete.

Step 5: Test

Open the Zip file to extract and double-click either on the book.swf or the index.html file to see the book working.

flash virtual book pdf swf


Convert your PDFs quickly and easy with this tool!

Thank you for reading!

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