Bossie Awards 2012 The best open source data center and cloud software

InfoWorld’s top picks in data center and cloud storage, virtualization, and cloud service management

By InfoWorld staff, InfoWorld, September 18, 2012

The data centers of tomorrow will be vastly more flexible and dynamic than the data centers of today, and these Bossie winners — some of the fastest-moving projects we know — will be the software that takes us there. But along with free open source tools for building and automating virtualization clusters and private clouds, you’ll also find some old favorites here.




The OpenStack cloud computing project was started by NASA and Rackspace Hosting, and in almost no time at all gathered the support of every technology company that fears Amazon in the cloud. Today, even VMware has a finger in this pie. OpenStack follows the Amazon cloud services model (EC2 plus S3) and provides an Amazon-compatible API to compute and storage services. OpenStack’s dashboard gives administrators control over cloud resources while providing end-users an easy self-service portal through which to provision their VMs and storage. The imminent Folsom release extends management to virtual network infrastructure like Open vSwitch.
— High Mobley





Bossie Awards 2012 The best open source data center and cloud software


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