Bossie Awards 2012 Now for something completely different

InfoWorld’s top picks among open source games and geek time-wasters

By InfoWorld staff, InfoWorld, September 18, 2012
Now for something completely different

For the first time, we went in search of games, time-wasters, and hobby tools to celebrate. While the open source world clearly has more to offer the data center and office than the living room and den, we like what we found. Tell us what we missed!




If you love the classic Atari 2600 games, then the Stellaemulator is your open source tool for playing them again and again and again. Chopper Command, Space Invaders, Pitfall, and more are ready and waiting for you. Some people are even writing their own new games for the 2600 platform. It’s not refusing to grow up. It’s getting a self-taught Ph.D. in computer history.
— Peter Wayner




The Arduino is a small, open source, single-board computer that adds its numbers two at a time, much like every other computer. But the open source license has spurred plenty of experimentation and hardware hacking. If you want to, say, control the LEDs in your disco ball or build a security system for your garage, the Arduino board makes a great starting point. There’s also a burgeoning collection of add-on boards called “shields” that add even more functionality to the machines, making it possible to hack together any number of hardware projects in less time than ever before.
— Peter Wayner







Bossie Awards 2012 Now for something completely different

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