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10 Basic Tips to Increase Your Website Visibility


10 Basic Tips to Increase Your Website Visibility

Website Visibility
Website Visibility




There are hundreds of ways out there on how to improve the visibility of your websites or blogs, and at times that information can drive you out of your focus on your Search Engine Optimization campaign. To prevent what we usually call as “information overload”, I have set up a brief 10 to-do list.

Do the actions listed below for a consistent three months and see the results for your websites or blogs:

    1. Constantly update your content: if you want more traffic, you have to continuously update your content. People will not visit your websites if they do not have good and high quality content. Without a constant update, there will not be any returning visitors as well.


    1. Apply good design and layout: if your website is messy on its designs and navigations then visitors will leave at the very moment they arrive on your website. Make sure you apply good design, content-focused with proper color schemes.


    1. Use your own domain name: using a professional looking top level domain name will make you look more professional and will then make visitors to trust you more as a serious business entity. The cost of a domain name is as little as US$8 per year and it can make a serious difference than having a free domain


    1. Use StumbleUpon: I have had a lot of success using StumbleUpon for my websites, especially those specifically talk about a specific niche, such as soccer. When you put an interesting article from your website on StumbleUpon, then people will rate it higher and in turn make the article more popular. Remember to also make friends and connections in StumbleUpon to increase your personal popularity and credibility on the website.


    1. Become a guest poster: offer your unique writings and articles to other people’s blogs. People love to get free and high quality blog content. In your article, make sure you put a link back to your website. Again, make sure that the article you submit as a guest blogger is unique and cannot be found on any other blogs.


    1. Put keywords on images: if you use images on your blog posts, then it is crucial for you to give them relevant title and tag them with relevant keywords. In my soccer website, a large portion of my visitors come from people looking for soccer wallpaper from Google’s image search.


    1. Comments, comments and comments: when you give comments, people will know that you give notice, and they will appreciate that. However, please do not spam. Some people just love to put comments such as “Hi, nice blog, how about visiting mine?”. Those kind of comments will be removed without question and you will only offend your blogger peers.


    1. Use MyBlogLog: sign up to MyBlogLog and join to all the communities available there and you will see visitors start coming from MyBlogLog.


    1. Do not waste your time: don’t waste your time with “get rich quick scheme” promises. Concentrate on giving quality content, then the traffic and the money will come.


    1. Most important, always review your stats: by reviewing your sites’ statistics using Google Analytical tool, you will find out what kind of keywords that your visitors use to come across your site and which articles that are the most appealing for them. The results of your review can then be used for more effective and efficient future campaigns.


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