Spend less time on routine tasks and more time on innovation

Would recovering 20-30% time in your day by spending less time on routine operations and break / fix activities interest you? Sure. Who wouldn’t be interested? The big question is how. While it’s an all too familiar story, businesses tell us that shifting resources from operations to innovation is still one of their biggest challenges. […]

Free Open Source Software (FOSS)

Setting Jam melalui Terminal Linux

Perintah untuk setting jam melalui Terminal Linux adalah perintah dasar, yaitu pakai perintah date. Misal ingin mengubah setting waktu di laptop menjadi : Tanggal 17 Desember 2011 pukul 07.00. Caranya ketikkan di terminal : $ sudo su kemudian isikan password Anda, terus ketikkan : # date 121707002011 Terakhir ketikkan perintah di bawah agar  disimpan ke […]