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GIMP is the undisputed king of image editing in Linux platforms, and is next only to Photoshop in popularity in Windows and Mac platforms. With a large community of developers and an even larger pool of users, it is no surprise that GIMP is very popular.

Much like Firefox, GIMP’s strength lies in its plugins, which are developed by the open-source toting community. Since the users themselves develop them, they know all the needs and conceive a plugin for everything.

And what better way for me to endorse GIMP than a list of good plugins? Most of them are aimed at web-designers and photographers, the main users of GIMP. There are also some to fix common problems of GIMP.

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Photography plugins for GIMP

  • Pandora: Stitch together multiple images to make a panorama.
  • Film Grain: Add film grain for a classic feel, to BW images.
  • Copyright Text: Add a copyright text to image.
  • FocusBlur: Makes an image out of focus with luminosity and depth.
  • Lomo: Make photos clear, sharp and crisp. Especially useful for outdoor photographs.
  • ISO Noise Reduction: Implements an ISO noise reduction, using different methods (masking the edges, then blurring the individual color channels or the lumimance channel only).
  • Photo Effects: A bunch of scripts brought together in one script-fu file. Contains cartoon, color pencil, conte crayon, cutout, Drawing, ink pen, note paper, paint dot image, palette knife, pastel, stamp, water paint effect, wrap effect, angled strokes, crosshatched, chrome image, cross light, funky color, soft focus, solarisation, brick wall, patchwork, stained glass, texturizer, high pass, scroll effects.
  • RedEye: Quickly remove red eye effect caused by camera flashes.
  • Shadows/Highlights: Eliminate shadows and highlights in photographs.
  • Refocus: (Windows only) Opposite of FocusBlur(listed above), this refocuses images. Provides better results than Unsharp masking which is built into GIMP.
  • Gradient Along Path: Strikes a vector applying a gradient orthogonally to the path.
  • Digital IR: Simulate a black and white infrared image.
  • GimpPublishr: Publish images to Picassa and Flickr directly from inside GIMP.

Miscellaneous GIMP plugins

Yin-Yang+: A seemingly useless plugin, but fun nonetheless. Add yin and yang symbols. Also optionally add drop-shadows.

Further GIMP plugin resources

  1. Writing a GIMP plugin: Plugin guide in PDF, HTML, archive and XML formats.
  2. GIMP plugin template: A blank plugin template that has the basic structure and reduces the time required to develop a plugin considerably. The direct link is currently here, but may change in future (if it changes, click the link on “GIMPplugin template”).


Free GIMP plugins

By Hilfan Soeltansyah

Bapak dari 2 anak lelaki, yang memiliki passion di kewirausahaan dalam bidang ICT, kerja di dunia pendidikan Telkom University di Direktorat Pusat Teknologi Informasi Tel-U.

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