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Turn off Windows 10 Update to Save on Internet Quota When Wifi Tethering

One time when the internet connection at home died, and there was work to be done immediately, then the internet needs were supplied via wifi tethering from the mobile phone. Go to work in the cloud, then suddenly the connection is lost, after checking it turns out the internet quota package on the phone runs out, and almost used up all the pulses.

Really annoying with such a rich situation ?? The annoyance is because the quota runs out, it automatically uses the available credit for the internet connection … and that is … ha ha ha…

Well, we have an investigation, it turns out that Windows has downloaded the Windows 10 update in the background … oh my God really, because there’s no need to update it … the OS still works … hehehehe … (still very stupid with the security patch)

So that the same incident does not recur, just turn off Windows 10 Update to Save on Internet Quota When Wifi Tethering.

1. Pause Automatic Updates

This method cannot permanently turn off auto updates, but can help stop automatic updates for a while. Open the Start menu and enter the Settings application.

After entering Settings, click Update & Security> Windows Update on the left side> Advanced options. Under Pause Updates, click the toggle until it is turned On.

This method will stop automatic updates for 35 days, but you must download the latest updates after the period ends if you still want to stop the automatic updates.

2. Limit Internet Connection

This method is easy but really helps stop updates and saves internet quota. Click the Start menu then open the Settings application. From here click on Network & Internet, then Wi-Fi in the left column.

Search for the Wi-Fi connection name that you are using. Scroll down to find the Metered Connection section and click the toggle until it becomes On. This method will tell Windows 10 that you have limited internet so that it won’t download updates automatically.

Windows Update
Windows Update

3. Prevent Updates to Install

After the update installation process has been running, you do not force to stop it. But if  Windows 10  has downloaded the update but it’s not installed, you can stop it.

In the Windows 10 search bar type Security and Maintenance, then click the first search result to open the Control Panel. Click Maintenance to see more options then scroll to the Automatic Maintenance section.

Click Stop Maintenance to prevent the update from being installed. If you change your mind, you can start the update by clicking Start Maintenance.

4. Turn off Windows Update Startup Service

In the Windows 10 Search Bar, type Service. Right-click on the top search results and select the Run as administrator option. Scroll down until you find the Windows Update entry.

If the Status column says Running, right-click the Windows Update entry and click Stop. After that, right-click again and select the Properties menu. In the menu that appears, at the bottom of the Startup type, select Disabled and click OK.

This method prevents Windows Update from installing updates automatically. If you want to prevent automatic updates but still want to install updates manually, select the Manual option from the drop-down menu.

5. Through Group Policy

How to turn off the Windows 10 auto update   is indeed a little complicated, but you can try. Type ‘gpedit.msc’ in the Windows 10 search bar and click on the first search result.

After that, navigate these steps in the left hand column: Computer Configuration> Administrative Templates> Windows Components> Windows Update. In the right window, double-click the Configure Automatic Updates option.

This step will open a new window. In the upper left corner click Disabled then Apply and OK. This method will prevent Windows 10 from automatically downloading and installing updates, but you can download updates manually via Windows Update.


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