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Tel-U Wins PTS Number 1 in Indonesia from Kemenristekdikti

Tel-U’s brilliant achievement in 2019

Bandung, IDN Times –  Telkom University University (Tel-U) continues to show its best achievements. A number of titles were won by Private Universities (PTS) at the age of 6.

At the end of 2019, Tel-U was awarded as the No. 1 private tertiary institution in Indonesia from the Ministry of Research, Technology and Higher Education of the Republic of Indonesia (Menristekdikti). The award was given in August 2019, then.

Awarding the title as PTS number 1 in Indonesia is based on the  output-outcome base  conducted by Tel-U so far. That is, Input Performance with a weight of 40% which includes  Input  (15%) and Process performance (25%), and Output Performance with a weight of 60% which includes Output  Performance  (25%), and  Outcome  (35%).

Rector of Telkom University, Prof. Adiwijaya said the No. 1 predicate of private universities in Indonesia from the Menristekdikti had added Tel-U achievements. This predicate is the result of the hard work of all Tel-U academic community, both students, lecturers, and all parties so far.

“Thank you to the entire Telkom University academic community who have provided beautiful colors throughout 2019. “In 2020, there will be many big challenges that will be faced later, please prepare yourself and continue to glorify the name of Telkom University,” Adiwijaya said in a release received by IDN Times, Wednesday (1/8).

1. The first PTS to get an A accreditation from BAN-PT in 2016

Tel-U Wins PTS Number 1 in Indonesia from KemenristekdiktiIDN Times / Public Relations Tel-U

Telkom University (Tel-U) continues to gain achievements at both national and international levels. This achievement is believed to be inseparable from the hard work of the entire Tel-U academic community.

As one of the private universities in West Java and Banten, Tel-U became the first campus to get an A accreditation or very well from the National Accreditation Board for Higher Education (BAN-PT) in 2016. Not only university accreditation, until now Study Programs (Study Programs) in Tel-U out of 32 Study Programs owned by 71% or 23 Study Programs have been accredited A.

In addition to national accreditation, of the 32 Study Programs 14 of them have received international accreditation from ABEST 21, ASIC and IABEE.

2. Having the best innovation about Innovation Management, Tel-U also won the Widya Padhi award

Tel-U Wins PTS Number 1 in Indonesia from KemenristekdiktiIDN Times / Public Relations Tel-U

Not only won the title as the number 1 PTS in Indonesia, Tel-U also won the Widya Padhi award as the university with the best innovation (management, the best startup and spin off company products) for the Innovation Management subcategory by Kemenristekdikti.

In November 2019, Telkom University succeeded in entering the highest cluster version of the Ministry of Research and Technology, which is an increase in Tel-U which previously sat in the Main cluster now successfully entered the independent cluster (the Highest) for Research Performance of the Ministry of Research and Technology.

As a university that upholds its Tri Dharma, namely Education, Research and Community Service, in the field of community service, based on the ranking given by the Ministry of Research and Technology that Telkom University succeeded in occupying an excellent predicate on the ranking of universities based on community service performance for a period of years. 2016-2019.

3. Tel-U wants to become a Research and Entrepreneurial University campus in 2023

Tel-U Wins PTS Number 1 in Indonesia from KemenristekdiktiTelkom University

Tel-U Chancellor Prof. Adiwijaya revealed, a number of achievements have been achieved until 2019. Not only pursuing achievements, Tel-U will also realize the vision of the campus to be a  Research and Entrepreneurial University  in 2023, future.

This vision will play an active role in the development of technology, science and art based on information technology. To realize this, Telkom University strives to have  Digital Resource Excellence  that provides e-learning  content  that can be accessed by all publics at home and abroad.

“This year the dream will begin and in 2020, Tel-U also has a target to become  Digital Education Excellence,”  he said.

4. Continue to create a go green campus atmosphere

Tel-U Wins PTS Number 1 in Indonesia from KemenristekdiktiIDN Times / Tel-U

Telkom University stands on an area of ​​approximately 50 hectares in the area of ​​South Bandung. This land area certainly needs a beautiful and pleasant environment. The calm and peaceful atmosphere under the lush trees is highly desired by every academic.

In order to create a comfortable and beautiful environment, Telkom University continues to improve, in addition to continuing to green the environment of Telkom University, Tel-U is also an area that has high water absorption by targeting 1,000 biopore holes.

In creating a green environment, Telkom University also won the green campus title from the UI Green Metric ranking. In December 2019, Universitas Indonesia (UI) announced the 10 best universities in Indonesia in the UI Green Metric World Ranking 2019, and Tel-U was ranked 9th nationally and ranked 135th in the world.

Telkom University The Best Private Universities in Indonesia Telkom University The Best Private University Campus in Indonesia


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