OpenProject Tampilan Kerjaan berupa Card

Open Project View the Workpackage Status in card form

The job viewing feature in OpenProject is a card, at a glance like sticky notes, simpler than a detailed table view, the project manager can immediately see in general what the project description is like, which is still ongoing, if the close is automatically not visible. The close can be seen when the view filter is changed to “All”


OpenProject is an application for project management, functions more or less the same as Microsoft Project, it’s just that it’s based on a web application, so using it requires a web server. OpenProject is a free and opensource application so if you need additional features you can freely create your own.

Features that I often use in open projects:

  • work task management, called workpackage
  • link work task 1 to after or before
  • gant chart, a schedule in a daily / weekly / monthly / year calendar
  • work monitoring, whether the new work has been run or has been completed
  • the calculation of labor costs, according to the hours he does
  • comparison of budget plans with cost realization
  • kanban board to see in general important work that needs to be sprinted

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