I am corrupt? Am I happy?

Real head line: Corrupt People Will Not Be Happy


BANDUNG, Telkom University – Characteristics of happy people are people who do not corrupt, because people who do not do any corruption they will not be afraid of appearing in public with whatever they have, unlike corruptors who have assets but will not dare to show them.

This was revealed by Prof. Haryono Umar as a speaker at the 2018 Anti-Corruption Propaganda Competition held at Tokong Nanas Building 8th Floor, Monday (3/12).

The former KPK leader in 2007-2011 for the second time became a speaker in the event that has been routinely held since 2013.

From the theme raised which was “millennial generation, make your integrity track now!!” Prof. Haryono said that Telkom University students must have high integrity, because based on their level, there are 3 levels of integrity that must be instilled.

“First, you have to pass the first level of integrity, that is must ” SAY NO “if there is the slightest opportunity for corruption, the second is still saying NO even though there are opportunities without supervision, and the third level is when our environment and our surroundings do so we still say no to corruption, by doing it all, we will be the happiest people without corruption.” He said

On this occasion Rector of Telkom University Prof. Adiwijaya also as a speaker explained that he as the initiator of this event since 2013 expressed his goal was to develop awareness and anti-corruption spirit among students.

“Corrupters started from campus, there were many officials who had higher education but still committed corruption, from that problem I wanted to instill this anti-corruption spirit from campus, and later I want this to not only to be a unit activity, but a university activity that is included in curriculum and character building character courses. ”

In this year’s anti-corruption propaganda competition, there were 521 pieces of creations divided into 10 categories of competitions, namely, illustrated children’s stories, posters, photography, video graphics, short films, short stories, essays, poems, anti-corruption yells and anti-corruption memes.

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