Dual Boot OS uses 2 hard drives and a switch

This is for those who don’t have any work … hahaha .. why bother with dual boot …

all you need to prepare is

  1. 1 tower desktop
  2. 2 hard drive or SSD
  3. 1 electric power switch tool, can also buy already made
  4. Install the desired OS on each card
  5. Install each hard drive power in the desired swich order

After everything is prepared

  1. install the swith on the desktop case
  2. Reinstall the hard drive
  3. set the BIOS to auto detect the hard drive

Actually, with a little further exploration, the same thing can be applied to laptops or NUC PCs, as I said specifically for those who don’t have any work … hahaha


This is an example of a power switch that can be bought on the market


can buy online


If I personally prefer a switch OS using GRUB, with a different OS hard drive destination


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