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Add-on or Plug In Mozilla Firefox and Chrome to censor pornographic content

IPB Students Create Application to censor pornographic content , Congratulations to akhi Ilham Satyabudi for his achievements. He fighters syariah khilafah.


The number of young people who watch porn site (which is highly), is our background makes porn autocensor integrated application (IPA).
IPA-based Google Apps extension and Mozilla Firefox add-on. Comrades can be downloaded for free via the chrome store or Mozilla add-ons.

Or through the following link: (Mozilla) (Chrome)

By the time extension or add-ons IPA enabled, pornographic images and text on a website will automatically be censored.

Integrated Porn Autocensor is the result of team work PKM Computer Science IPB which consists Ilham Satyabudi, Yuandri Trisaputra and Gusti Ben Marlawanto.

Please spread it to friends and family, so that the people that we love can be protected from the dangers of porn sites.

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