Open as Root in Fedora

sudo or Beesu

Quite often you will find yourself the need to write files that does not location within your home folder. In this case, you need root access to do it. There are two methods of open Nautilus (File Manager) with root privileges. The first method is to use sudo command from the terminal. The second method is to install and use Beesu with Nautilus.

Method 1: Using sudo

User must belong to the Administrators Group in order to use sudo command. If you have not add the current use to the Administrators group during the system setup, then you could add user to Administrators Group via User Account Settings.

Add Normal User to Administrator Group

Under your username, select System Settings >>  User Accounts (as shown below). Click unlock using root password and change the “Account type” from “Standard” to “Administrator”.

Opening Nautilus from Terminal

Open a terminal and issue the command:

$sudo nautilus

If you want to be able to continue using the terminal, you can start the Nautilus command in the background as follows:

$sudo nautilus &

Method 2: Using Beesu

Installing Beesu

Open a terminal and install the following packages:

$sudo yum install beesu
$sudo yum install nautilus-beesu-manager

Configuring Beesu

After you have installed the packages above, you run $nautilus-beesu-manager to configure how you want to use Beesu.

The most useful settings are:

  • Edit with gEdit
  • Execute/Execute Application
  • Files and Folders/Delete Selected Files
  • Files and Folders/New File Here
  • Files and Folders/New Folder Here
  • Open Terminal Here

Using Beesu

  • Open up Nautilus (under Applications >> Accessories >> Files)
  • Navigate to the file or folder you want to manage, Right-Click the mouse, select Scripts >> beesu and a list of options which you have configure earlier was available.
  • Please note that some options worked on folders and some options worked on files while some worked on both.


How to Open Nautilus as Root in Fedora 15 using

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