Open a Terminal on the Folder in Ubuntu

What does “Open a Terminal on the Folder in Ubuntu” mean?


When you see instructions telling you to open a terminal window in a specified folder, it means that in order for whatever commands you’re entering to work, theterminal (the interface for entering commands) needs to be looking in the right place (it looks to the desktop by default).

Previously, your only option would have been to open a terminal (Ctrl+Alt+T, or start typing “terminal” into Unity’s Dash menu, or open Applications > Accessories > Terminal if using Gnome “Classic”), then use the change directory command (cd) to make it point to the folder you need to work with.

eg: cd /home/yourusername/Pictures

In Ubuntu, your default file manager, Nautilus, gives you the option of opening a terminal in the folder you’re looking at, saving you manually opening a terminal and changing directory. So using the example of your Pictures folder, you would have that open in front of you, then right-click an empty area and choose Open in Terminal from the menu. Then enter your commands and you’re in business!

If you find for some reason that you don’t have the Nautilus plugin that gives you the context menu option, simply open Synaptic or Ubuntu Software Centreand search for and install the following package, and all will be fine:


If you want to be even quicker, paste the following into a terminal:

sudo apt-get install nautilus-open-terminal

You’ll need to totally restart Nautilus, which you can do with either killall nautilus or nautilus -q in the terminal, or via Alt+F2.

Additional Notes:

In case you’re wondering how to customise your terminal with colours and different characters for the promptcheck out this guide!


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