Merotasi Video Menggunakan VLC dan Tools yang ada di Windows

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Jika suka merekam video menggunakan ponsel atau camcorder, kadang kalau saat diputar hasilnya di komputer, ternyata videonya harus dirotasi?! Atau justru sengaja ingin membuat posisi videonya potrait atau landscape. Nah berikut ini ada cara mudah untuk mewujudkannya.

Rotasi Video di VLC

Download, instal, dan menjalankan VLC Media Player. (Lihat link download di bawah ini)


buka file video Anda dengan menu Media> Open File … dan browsing file yang dinginkan. Atau, dengan hanya menyeret dan drop video ke VLC player.


Choose Tools from the Menu bar and select Effects and Filters.


On the Video Effects tab, tick the Transform checkbox and choose your degrees of rotation. The video is rotated counter-clockwise, so to rotate clockwise 90 degrees you’ll want to chooseRotate by 270 degrees.


Update: it looks like they have moved the screen under the Geometry tab now:

Now you can enjoy your video the way it was intended to be viewed.


Rotate and Convert the Video with Windows Live Movie Maker

Starting with Windows 7, Windows Movie Maker no longer comes pre-installed with the OS. It’s now part of the Windows Live suite that is available as a separate, free download for Windows 7 and Vista. (Windows XP is not supported) You can find the link to our detailed instruction on how to install Windows Live at the end of the article.

To add your video files to Windows Movie Maker, click on Add videos and photos on the Hometab, or drag and drop the video into the blank area on the right side of the application.


Next, you’ll need to rotate the video. Staying on the Home tab, click on the Rotate right 90°

or Rotate left 90°.


You’ll see your video is now oriented properly on the left.


To save and convert your video to WMV format, click the Movie Maker tab just to the left of the Home tab. Hover your cursor over Save movie, and then select your output settings. You also have the option to burn directly to DVD.


Browse for a location to save it and rename the output file if you’d like. Click Save.


You’ll be notified when the file is complete.


Now you’ll have your video properly oriented in WMV file format.


These are two rather easy ways to accomplish rotating your video. Unfortunately, Windows Live Movie Maker doesn’t give you a lot of  options for output. If you want to output to a file, your only choice is WMV format or DVD. However, previous versions will also allow you to export to AVI.

How-To Geek’s Install Windows Live Essentials In Windows 7 Article.

Download Windows Live

Download VLC Media Player

Merotasi Video Menggunakan VLC dan Tools yang ada di Windows

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