Install Ailurus di Ubuntu

Ailurus merupakan program untuk memudahkan anda dalam mempelajari linux terutama turunan ubuntu, ini merupakan alternatif cara install program selain mempergunakan Ubuntu Software Center / Add Remove Program, karena dengan ailurus anda dapat dengan mudah memonitoring sistem linux anda & melakukan instalasi program-program tingkat lanjut yang bersifat opensource yang sangat berguna sebagai pengganti program produksi yang berbayar.

Install Ailurus di Ubuntu 10.04

Ailurus is an open-source software that makes Ubuntu easier to use.
With ailurus, you can manage system settings include nautilus, desktop, windows effect, network, sound, etc; you can install/remove applications which do not provide Debian packages at all; you can check you hardware information includemotherboard, CPU, BIOS, Total memory; you can check the system version, desktop environment, host name, kernel version and so on; you can select the fastest repository, clean up system cache, study Linux skills …

Here are the features:
* Help users learn some Linux skills
* Install some nice applications
* Enable some third party repositories
* Display basic hardware information
* Clean APT/YUM cache
* Backup and recover APT/YUM status
* Change GNOME settings

The ailurus start-up screen:

Ailurus startup

Ailurus is very easy to use,it lists all functions on top of its main window.Following screen shows the options to change/display/hide desktop icons and change gnome panels, file manager.

Menu Tweak Ailurus
Menu Tweak Ailurus

and change the window title-bar layout (the title-bar buttons at right or at left side)

Customize Desktop Ailurus
Customize Desktop Ailurus

After install the Ailurus,whenever you restart Ubuntu,a small Ubuntu Linux Tip shows at right top of the screen.

Install Ailurus:

You can install Ailurus from PPA repository.
Open terminal from Applications->Accessories menu and type following commands:

sudo add-apt-repository ppa:ailurus

sudo apt-get update

sudo apt-get install ailurus

Ailurus also provides tar.gz,deb,rpm packages,you can download them from

After install Ailurus it can be launched from Applications->System Tools menu.

Ailurus Project page:

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