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Want to use an old Windows Photo Viewer on Windows 10?

For those who use Windows 10, you known when you click the image file it will open by the default “Photos” application for Windows 10.


Photos tools are pretty complete, compared to Windows Poto Viewer applications, but I feel how when I open the image file, the Photos application is a bit lagging. When I just want to see pictures but wait for a long time (even though it’s only a second. … hehehe …), because I already used a notebook with 4GB RAM, so it’s a bit goofy if it lag.

Now, differentiate if you open an image file using Windows Photo Viewer, wuzzz immediately will open …

Actually Windows Photo Viewer is still on Windows 10, it’s only disabled, and for reactivated Windows Windows Viewer on Windows 10 we have to do a registration edit that relates to Windows Photo Viewer activation.

For the exact way you can just download the following reg file, then click twice on the reg file.

Download REG Activate Windows Photo Viewer on Windows 10

After that, right-click the image file, and select open with, select the windows photo viewer application, check “always use this app to open”

windows photo viewer 1


windows photo viewer 2


Simple right? tried it ..


Reg file source:

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