Jetpack Site Stats

Use Jetpack Site Stats to Know Your Website’s Visitors

Jetpack has several free features that we can use both to beautify, optimizing, and monitor our website.

One of them is Jetpack Site Stats.

This feature serves statistics about visitor to the web.

Jetpack Site Stats
Jetpack Site Stats


The features are:

  1. The number of visitors per day, week, month
  2. Website or search engine that references links to our site
  3. Keywords are searched when a search engine references our site
  4. The most frequently visited Post or Page
  5. The outgoing link data from us that click by visitor

To get Jetpack can be downloaded at then do the install upload plugin on your wordpress.

Make sure the curl is on, check your web server configuration, so that the statistics can be displayed, because actually this statistical display is hosted on

Terms needed to be able to use a jetpack:

  1. Have an account on
  2. live webserver curl
  3. Minimum RAM on the webserver 256 Mb
  4. Can be used for single sites or multisite WordPress
  5. Always do periodic updates for WordPress, Plugins, Themes

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