Truck transported on a ropeway going up a 5.400 – foot mountain

Truck transported


Linthal 2015 is one of the most fascinating power projects going on in the world right now. When finished, this 2.35-billion-dollar pumped storage system will be able to generate as much power as a nuclear power plant—1,480 MW. The only problem is that there are no roads connecting the construction sites, so they have to lift all heavy machinery using a ropeway.

Just imagine it. The project’s highest point is 8,116 feet (2,474 meters) above sea level. The lowest point is just 2,660 feet (811 meters). It must be incredible to see the trucks, tunneling machines, and excavators going up and down that Swiss mountainscape in one of the two ropeways that connect the sites.


This video is in German, but you can see the massive scope of the project.

From their WDS_LINK_PLACEHOLDER_d32c051de7f4f2cdd69bffdc4cfbd0ac:

A new underground pumped-storage power plant will be used to pump water from Lake Limmern back up to Lake Mutt, which is 630 m higher. When needed, it can then be used to generate electricity again. The new facility will boast pump and turbine capacities of 1 000 MW each.

This will boost the output of Kraftwerke Linth-Limmern AG (KLL) from the current 480 MW or so to 1 480 MW. In terms of performance, this will put it on a par with the Leibstadt nuclear power plant or the Cleuson Dixence hydroelectric power plant. This will serve to safeguard the future security of electricity supply for northeastern and central Switzerland.



Lake Mutt, 8,024 feet (2,446 meters) aboveWDS_LINK_PLACEHOLDER_4892bee3cd7a416bfe9ebe45de13a64c.



The tunnels are not apt for claustrophobic people.

Source : WDS_LINK_PLACEHOLDER_b4f78777cc62b91cabdf61d7194e18e7 Truck transported on a ropeway going up a 5.400 – foot mountain

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