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Authentication Protocols: LDAP vs Kerberos vs OAuth2 vs SAML vs RADIUS


Authentication of users towards applications is probably one of the biggest challenges the IT department is facing. There are a lot of different systems a user needs access to and that’s why the authentication protocols are typically open standards – we are introducing the five most commonly used ones. When […]

Difference between Microsoft Graph and Azure Graph

microsoft and apple

Telkom University uses the API service to handle users in Azure Active Directory, applications that use it are for SSO to obtain an Office 365 license and for E-Learning Application Login (CeLOE). Source: the main difference is: Azure Graph can only be used for / specifically for .Net applications […]

A new version of Google Classroom

Google Apps, Google Suite

In August 2018, we (Google Suite) introduced a new version of Classroom that provides additional features, including a Classwork page to help teachers better organize assignments and questions by grouping them into modules and units. As a result, any newly created classes automatically include the Classwork page, with the option for instructors to revert […]

EMail Migration to EMail GAFE

admin google data migration

For an educational institution, you can use the free email service offered by Google, the name of the product is GAFE acronym from Google Apps for Education. Well for those who already have an email system before, and want to migrate to the GAFE email system, it can be done […]

WordPress 4.9 Update Now

WordPress 4.9 was released just few hours ago. It is the second and last major WordPress release of 2017 with some exciting new features and enhancements. In this article, we will show you what’s new in WordPress 4.9 and which features you should try after updating your websites.   Important: […]

Upgrade PHP di CentOS 7


CentOS 7 membawa PHP 5.4, tetapi beberapa aplikasi membutuhkan PHP 5.6. Berikut ini cara upgrade ke PHP 5.6 Buang dulu PHP 5.4 sbb: yum remove php-common-5.4* Tambahkan repository Webtatic EL sbb: rpm -Uvh rpm -Uvh Install PHP 5.6, ada 2 pilihan: a. PHP 5.6 mod_php SAPI      yum […]

Upgrade PHP ke PHP 5.5 – 5.6 di CentOS 6


Berikut cara upgrade versi PHP ke PHP v 5.5 atau v5.6 di CentOS 6 atau CentOS 7: Lihat versi PHP yang sudah terinstall dengan perintah: # yum list installed | grep php Hapus install-an PHP yang sudah terinstall: # yum remove php.x86_64 php-cli.x86_64 php-common.x86_64 php-gd.x86_64 php-mbstring.x86_64 php-mysql.x86_64 php-pdo.x86_64 php-pear.noarch php-pgsql.x86_64 […]

Memperbaiki error Bad Pool Header pada OS Windows

windows bluescreen

 BAD POOL HEADER – Explained With Solution The Bad Pool Header or you can say BAD_POOL_HEADER, both are the same BSOD errors which also known for its bug check error code of “0x00000019”. Having this problem on your computer fully indicates that your Windows Operating System’s Pool Header got corrupt or maybe having […]

Regularly clear the log on Kloxo

Kloxo is one of the free hosting panel is very easy to use. Kloxo was released by LxCenter. With Kloxo, then you will be able to easily set the nameservers, email, domain and added others. Kloxo panel has a feature that is no less complete with WHM and cPanel.   […]

Scan your Website for Security Vulnerability and Malware

sucuri web scan

Scan Your WebSite, Blog for Security Vulnerabilities, Malware, Trojans, Viruses and online threats One of the most trending talks in Information Technologies is Web Security. Do you know 96% of tested applications have vulnerabilities? Below chart from Cenzic shows different types of the vulnerable trend found. There were many questions […]

Sysadmin routine to prevent a lot of complaints from user

kaos backtrack

As staff of ICT in a company, especially for those who gain a position to take care of the server (usually referred to as a “sysadmin”), either server website, email, and others internal applications, surely you’ve got a complaint either from the employer or client when the service application (eg website […]

Add-on or Plug In Mozilla Firefox and Chrome to censor pornographic content

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IPB Students Create Application to censor pornographic content , Congratulations to akhi Ilham Satyabudi for his achievements. He fighters syariah khilafah. Assalamu’alaikum The number of young people who watch porn site (which is highly), is our background makes porn autocensor integrated application (IPA). IPA-based Google Apps extension and Mozilla […]

Menambah Repo Tim Burgess Di ClearOS

Menambah Repo Tim Burgess Di Clearos Sumber dari Tim Burgess, Clear Foundation, & Forum ClearOS Indonesia Tim Burgess   Untuk bisa menginstall aplikasi/module tambahan buatan Tim Burgess di ClearOS maka perlu memasukkan sumber repository-nya. Masuk dalam sistem ClearOS melalui putty, dengan hak akses root, kemudian masukkan perintah berikut : # […]