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Berbagi tulisan yang berhubungan dengan dunia Informasi Komunikasi dan Teknologi Sistem Informasi

Authentication Protocols: LDAP vs Kerberos vs OAuth2 vs SAML vs RADIUS


Authentication of users towards applications is probably one of the biggest challenges the IT department is facing. There are a lot of different systems a user needs access to and that’s why the authentication protocols are typically open standards – we are introducing the five most commonly used ones. When […]

Difference between DoFollow and NoFollow Links

Why Create a Search Engine Friendly Site

Usually the web masters pay little attention to the configuration of links on a website that he develops whether the links will later be DoFollow or NoFollow. By default the configuration of a website will be all DoFollow links, and to make it NoFollow special configuration is needed. What are […]

Difference between Microsoft Graph and Azure Graph

microsoft and apple

Telkom University uses the API service to handle users in Azure Active Directory, applications that use it are for SSO to obtain an Office 365 license and for E-Learning Application Login (CeLOE). Source: the main difference is: Azure Graph can only be used for / specifically for .Net applications […]

A new version of Google Classroom

Google Apps, Google Suite

In August 2018, we (Google Suite) introduced a new version of Classroom that provides additional features, including a Classwork page to help teachers better organize assignments and questions by grouping them into modules and units. As a result, any newly created classes automatically include the Classwork page, with the option for instructors to revert […]

Use Jetpack Site Stats to Know Your Website’s Visitors

Jetpack Site Stats

Jetpack has several free features that we can use both to beautify, optimizing, and monitor our website. One of them is Jetpack Site Stats. This feature serves statistics about visitor to the web.   The features are: The number of visitors per day, week, month Website or search engine that […]

Pentingnya Selalu Update WordPress (CMS, Themes, Plugin)

Kadangkala saat kita memiliki suatu website, kita fokus pada tampilan dan konten, tetapi melupakan hal penting lainnya agar website kita hidup dengan optimal. Apa maksudnya hidup dengan optimal, bahasa saya aja ini mah… hehehe Maksudnya itu website bisa diakses dengan mudah, semua data ditampilkan dengan baik, tidak ada atau kecil […]

Introducing two improvements to new Google Sites footers

Google Tools

We’re writing to let you know that to improve site viewers’ experience of new Google Sites, we are introducing a new feature which is being rolled out to all G Suite domains beginning June 10, 2019. From June 10, 2019, site editors will have the ability to enable site viewers […]

Changes to Creative Cloud Download Availability and Usage

Adobe Creative Cloud

Adobe have an update to share with you regarding Creative Cloud version download availability. For customers who have not yet updated to the latest version of Creative Cloud, please note that you are no longer licensed to use certain older versions of the applications or deploy packages containing these older […]

Red Hat OpenShift on Azure

[Webinar] Red Hat OpenShift on Azure – why it is great news for your business As more and more companies start to tap on containers for its agility and flexibility, developers need a way to easily orchestrate and manage these applications across. Join our webinar to understand how Red Hat […]

Update Services Menu For Your Blog to be Know by the Internet more Fast

Update Services Wordpress

Update Services are tools you can use to let other people know you’ve updated your blog. WordPress automatically notifies popular Update Services that you’ve updated your blog by sending a XML-RPC ping each time you create or update a post. In turn, Update Services process the ping and updates their proprietary indices with your update. […]

Increase Organic Visits on the web

Sistem CDN

Step 1: Fill in your alt tags. Step 2: …? There’s more to image SEO than writing a few alt tags—a lot more. Some may even argue that with Google’s recent advances in machine learning, alt tags no longer matter. For example, here’s what happens when you upload a photo of a […]

EMail Migration to EMail GAFE

admin google data migration

For an educational institution, you can use the free email service offered by Google, the name of the product is GAFE acronym from Google Apps for Education. Well for those who already have an email system before, and want to migrate to the GAFE email system, it can be done […]

Want to use an old Windows Photo Viewer on Windows 10?

windows photo viewer 2

For those who use Windows 10, you known when you click the image file it will open by the default “Photos” application for Windows 10. Photos tools are pretty complete, compared to Windows Poto Viewer applications, but I feel how when I open the image file, the Photos application is […]

ISO/IEC 20000-1:2018 has been published

ISO IEC 20000-1 transition timeline

The new version of ISO/IEC 20000-1:2018 is now available. What are the main changes? aligned to the high level structure (HLS) that now applies to all new management system standards broader application beyond the traditional IT services, such a facilities management and business process outsourcing addresses key service management trends […]