Top 25 Google Apps installed apps in Indonesia

Top 25 installed apps in Indonesia

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The opportunity for app developers in Indonesia is growing rapidly: in 2014, 34% of the 180 million mobile phone users in Indonesia owned a smartphone. Given this large opportunity, we sought to better understand what apps smartphone users are installing (or come pre-installed) on their devices and the trends that are emerging among this growing user base.


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Based on the top installed Android apps, Utility and Communication apps are installed more than any other categories.

Communication and Social apps are top installed

It’s no surprise that category with the highest percentage of apps in the top 25 is Communication, at 32% penetration. Knowing how social Indonesians are, users have an average of 4.2 messaging apps installed on their smartphones. 97% of mobile users in Indonesia access messaging apps multiple times per day and 39% prefer them as their main channel of mobile communication over SMS, social networking, voice messages, and emails.

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Similar to Communication apps, Social apps on the list such as Twitter, Facebook, and Instagram allow users to connect with friends and family through sharing photos, videos, and information. Together, these two categories dominate over any other. If we combine Communication and Social apps, they make up 44% of the top 25 and 60% of the top 10.

Blackberry Messenger (BBM) also remains the number one installed Communication app for the second month in a row, showing that the network effects of BBM are still very strong among smartphone users.

Utility apps are a close second

Jana categorizes Utility apps to include Productivity, Personalization, and Tool categories from the Google Play Store. Smartphone users in emerging markets who can’t afford the data needed to use their devices to their full potential need these apps to address their devices’ shortcomings, such as poor battery life (DU Battery Savera) or privacy issues (Chamelephon.) When combined, Utility apps make up 28% of the installed list, more than any other category excluding Communication.

C2C ecommerce apps are only shopping apps in top 25

Even though only 8% of the top 25 installed apps are Shopping apps, they shouldn’t be underestimated. Asian countries account for nearly half of all mobile online shopping, worth more than US$230 billion annually and online sales in Indonesia are projected to grow to $3.56 billion this year. Consumer-to-consumer (C2C) classifieds apps Tokopedia and Bukalapak are the only ecommerce apps on the list, which highlights Indonesia’s growing C2C ecommerce market.

Indonesians are not heavy gamers

One of the surprises among the top 25 was that despite other emerging markets being heavy game users—77% of Brazilians have a mobile game installed on their smartphones—Indonesians are not installing many games. There are only two games in the top 25 installed, but those two games are very popular in Indonesia. Of Installed games in Indonesia, Clash of Clans was the number one and LINE Let’s Get Rich wasnumber four app on date of publication. They were also the highest grossing games in Indonesia for the same date. It’s no surprise that Clash of Clans was among the top installed games—it’s an internationally popular game. Perhaps it’s LINE Let’s Get Rich’s connection with LINE, the second most-installed Communication app, that drives its high install rate.

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