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Site Content Analyzer 3 – Professional website content parser

Site Content Analyzer 3 – Overview Professional website content parser Site Content Analyzer 3 is new generation in website analysis software. It parses website on- and offline for keywords, suggests the most relevant and weighty phrases, analyzes link structure, and many more. With it, you can quickly discover the most […]

Digital Marketing SEO Basics – Get your Site Indexed on Google

There are three main steps for SEO success with Google, which are as follows: a.) Get your site crawled by Google bots. b.) Get your site indexed. c.) Get high search rankings. In this article we are going to talk about the two important initial processes i.e. the crawling and […]

add RSS Autodiscovery to your site

I sometimes see web sites or blogs that have RSS feeds, but fail to include the one line of HTML that enables RSS autodiscovery. Even some well known blogs such as WDS_LINK_PLACEHOLDER_6f39f15a5c2bcd566a599ef6f1cbd2ba omit the feature. WDS_LINK_PLACEHOLDER_2ea76c7f5ddf0066a780211b1b314349 has autodiscovery support on the main page, but not on his entry pages.