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A lil bit WordPress .htaccess configuration for more safe


Arghh … finally there is some subdomain website where deface affected on domain telkomuniversity.ac.id. What the hell is that “deface”? Deface is one of the actions to change the look of a good website home page or other pages that are linked in a url with the website. The most easily […]

Linux Internet Server Security and Configuration Tutorial

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Security configuration and set-up for Linux servers exposed to the internet: Any computer connected to the internet will require steps and precautions to be taken to reduce the exposure to hacker threats. Web, mail and DNS servers are especially vulnerable. Large operations will hide behind a CISCO firewall for most […]

Install and Secure phpMyAdmin on a CentOS 6


Many websites and applications require databases to store and manage large sets of information. MySQL and MariaDB are popular database management systems because of their flexibility, power, and ubiquity. For many users, managing databases is difficult from the command line. For those who prefer to use a web interface, phpMyAdmin […]

Heartbeat Heartbleed Bug Breaks Worldwide Internet Security Again

  Every day you use encryption technology to protect your data, your applications and online services . Most of the time most people are blissfully unaware it is even happening. Whether you are a consumer accessing your Internet bank site, using a mobile application to log in and share data or trading online […]

Bossie Awards 2012 The best open source networking and security software

InfoWorld’s top picks among many tools for building a network, running a network, and ensuring that the network is secure By InfoWorld staff, InfoWorld, September 18, 2012 The best open source networking and security software Few will be surprised at the wealth of open source networking and security tools available. But […]