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Session and Bandwidth Limitation

General Router FAQ Session and Bandwidth Limitation   Source : http://url.stisitelkom.ac.id/95755   The Session and Bandwidth limitation features are useful where you are concerned that individual users on your network might make disproportionate use of your Internet connection, causing inconvenience for other users. These features restrict LAN clients idenified by their […]

List of router or firewall distributions

This is a list of operating system distributions designed for use as the operating system of a machine acting as a router and/or firewall. Name Status Type Cost Description AGH Live Router Active Debianderivative Free Linux distribution for experimental routing. It consists of XORP control plane software and Click Modular Router module, which serves as a forwarding plane. Applications […]

How to build a router based on Linux

By Graham Morrison from PC Plus Issue 272  December 27th 2012 Use that old machine gathering dust to improve your home network The latest, most expensive routers include so many facilities you’d be forgiven for thinking they’re more like PCs than tools for networking. This thought should lead you to wonder if you […]