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The Importance of being the most loved mom by the kids

Selamat Menunaikan Ibadah Puasa Ramadhan

Read a post about the phenomenon, where many children who dared to rebuke their mother. Though in another times a mother with difficulty conceiving a child for 9 months. But at the end he actually get a dishonorable behavior of their children. Then what is the function of a mother? […]

Kebijakan Pembelajaran Dengan e-Learning di Lembaga Pendidikan

by Djadja Sardjana, Telco Executive, Consultant , Lecture at GLG Cosulting, Bapinger Kebijakan Pembelajaran Dengan e-Learning di Lembaga PendidikanPresentation Transcript   “Kebijakan Pembelajaran dengan E-Learning di Lembaga Pendidikan” Pendidikan”1-Mar-12 Presentasi E-Learning @Comlabs 1 MISI PENDIDIKANMenyehatkan PENDIDIKAN Mencerdaskan siswa PENDIDIKAN dituntut untuk menguasai substansi akademis, kurikulum, ilmu pendidikan dan perkembangan ilmu […]