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Sysadmin routine to prevent a lot of complaints from user

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As staff of ICT in a company, especially for those who gain a position to take care of the server (usually referred to as a “sysadmin”), either server website, email, and others internal applications, surely you’ve got a complaint either from the employer or client when the service application (eg website […]

Monitoring Sistem Server

Sumber : WDS_LINK_PLACEHOLDER_ffdecfee26c058ffcfc8575073cb7dda   MONITORIX       Monitoring terhadap sebuah Server yang dipegangnya telah menjadi sebuah kewajiban bagi seorang WDS_LINK_PLACEHOLDER_3de161edd5b4f3bda4825509afb24293 yang baik dan profesional. Dewasa ini, tentunya banyak sekali aplikasi yang dapat digunakan untuk me-monitoring server kita.   Salah satunya aplikasi monitoring yang cukup populer dikalangan Sys-Admin adalah Monitorix : WDS_LINK_PLACEHOLDER_f1d42beba77b49ab0f8800622c44531d. Kenapa harus […]

Software Monitoring Splunk

“Splunk is software to search, monitor and analyze machine-generated data by applications, systems and IT infrastructure at scale via a web-style interface. Splunk captures, indexes and correlates real-time data in a searchable repository from which it can generate graphs, reports, alerts, dashboards and visualizations.” Website : WDS_LINK_PLACEHOLDER_508751a81e0ff90a4318d117300f72dd Download splunk rpm sesuaikan […]