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Konversi Video Menggunakan Beberapa PC Server

WDS_LINK_PLACEHOLDER_69b2e6dd7491f3478d411e81d424b57d  WDS_LINK_PLACEHOLDER_e225e40415fb6a2753464751be999698, WDS_LINK_PLACEHOLDER_7005f70129c5f0cc98c90039ace2452f WDS_LINK_PLACEHOLDER_adfc1e1c62582be88e25519463841f98 Aug062012   I’ve been using Ripbot264 to encode DVDs and, more recently, Blu-rays for a few years now.  I won’t call myself an expert or anything, but I am well versed in it by now.  Despite Ripbot’s progressions and increasing features, I’ve pretty much maintained the same simplified […]