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A lil bit WordPress .htaccess configuration for more safe


Arghh … finally there is some subdomain website where deface affected on domain telkomuniversity.ac.id. What the hell is that “deface”? Deface is one of the actions to change the look of a good website home page or other pages that are linked in a url with the website. The most easily […]

List of router or firewall distributions

This is a list of operating system distributions designed for use as the operating system of a machine acting as a router and/or firewall. Name Status Type Cost Description AGH Live Router Active Debianderivative Free Linux distribution for experimental routing. It consists of XORP control plane software and Click Modular Router module, which serves as a forwarding plane. Applications […]

Membuka Port Service Server ClearOS 6

Didalam ClearOS 6.3 setiap service yg belum “dibukakan” port-nya, maka aplikasi service tersebut walaupun telah terinstall tetap tidak bisa dijalankan atau dipergunakan. Contoh kasus: Squid 2.7 Stable 9 memakai port 3128 dalam mode standalone tidak akan bisa diakses (sebagai web proxy). Namun setelah dibuka port-nya di incoming firewall, service dapat berjalan […]