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FF Multi Converter used to Convert Audio Video Image and Document Files

FF Multi Converter 1.4.0 (App used to Convert Audio, Video, Image & Document Files) Released : How to Install it via PPA on Ubuntu 12.04, 11.10, 11.04   Source : WDS_LINK_PLACEHOLDER_a02d5e895f20268186475a86ca58fea9 WDS_LINK_PLACEHOLDER_ee5cb3e33d0120af8ef8464fdb988987     WDS_LINK_PLACEHOLDER_70271fd09102a5e94f24561b1841fbff What is FF Multi Converter ? FF Multi Converter is a simple graphical application which enables you […]

Open Files & Folders with Administrative Root Privileges in Nautilus, Ubuntu’s File Manager

The Nautilus extension nautilus-gksu is an invaluable enhancement forUbuntu‘s default file manager. Once installed, it allows you to open files and folders as root or superuser simply by right-clicking and choosing “Open as administrator” from the context-menu. WDS_LINK_PLACEHOLDER_c07a576dcb05936419c776669c57128e This is great if you’re in a system folder and decide to edit a config file. Simply double-clicking would bring up […]