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Digital Marketing Link Building Strategies – Acquiring Future-Proof Links

Building a Future-Proof Backlink Strategy Every website is different, so no link building strategy should be the same. While part of your strategy should definitely include some competitor research, to dig into the link profiles of successful websites within your industry, there are many other avenues that should also be […]

Digital Marketing SEO Basics – Get your Site Indexed on Google


There are three main steps for SEO success with Google, which are as follows: a.) Get your site crawled by Google bots. b.) Get your site indexed. c.) Get high search rankings. In this article we are going to talk about the two important initial processes i.e. the crawling and […]

Create Digital Book With MegaZine3 Page Book Flipped

page book flip

What is MegaZine3? MegaZine3 recreates the look and feel of actual books or magazines on the screen. And much more… all kind of multimedia content like video and audio and interactive forms, games and quiz are supported. MegaZine3 offers unique flexibility, openness and power. A result of the Plugin concept, […]

Digital Marketing Training Week 2 Configure Analytics to Measure Conversions

From WooRank’s 30-Week Digital Marketing Training Task 2 : Configure Analytics to Measure Conversions This week, spend an hour configuring Google Analytics to measure conversions on your website. Why is this important? Configuring and setting goals in your website’s analytics allows you to measure which mode of marketing brings in […]

Digital Marketing Training Week 1 Define Your Website’s Objectives

From WooRank’s 30-Week Digital Marketing Training   Welcome Hilfan, During this 30-week training you will learn the tips and tricks necessary to improve your website’s traffic, leads and sales. It is time to get found online, and we are here to show you how! Each week, we will send you an […]

Perpustakaan Digital dan Pengelolaanya

Perpustakaan Digital merupakan salah satu cara dalam peningkatan Sumber Daya Manusia (SDM), sedangkan peningkatan SDM adalah bagian dari pendidikan, sehingga hal ini sesuai dengan program STISI Telkom dalam upaya peningkatan mutu mahasiswa STISI Telkom. Dahulu para mahasiswa di lingkungan STISI Telkom, hanya menerima layanan yang terbatas dan konvensional, maka sekarang […]