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Open Files & Folders with Administrative Root Privileges in Nautilus, Ubuntu’s File Manager

The Nautilus extension nautilus-gksu is an invaluable enhancement forUbuntu‘s default file manager. Once installed, it allows you to open files and folders as root or superuser simply by right-clicking and choosing “Open as administrator” from the context-menu. This is great if you’re in a system folder and decide to edit a config file. Simply double-clicking would bring up the […]

Open As Administrator on Fedora

Is there a nautilus gksu equivalent for Fedora? for Open As Administrator on Fedora.   YES, there is. In Fedora you can use “Beesu”   Using Beesu Installing Beesu Open a terminal and install the following packages: $sudo yum install beesu nautilus-beesu-manager Configuring Beesu After you have installed the packages above, […]