System Cache contributes to a cluttered display on MacOS

The cache system in wordpress through the Hummingbird Pro plugin is actually influenced by the OS system, so far there are no problems always testing on the Microsoft Windows OS. But today, I tried it on the MacBook and iPad and it turned out to be a mess, starting from the size of the image so that the text didn’t come out.

The cache system is forced to turn off first, as a result the GTMetrix value drops to B and D, previously A and B

this cache system is on, the value of gtmerix can be A B.

But the display on MacOS looks like this:

but the display on MacOS and iPad like this, pictures and others are not consistent.

Even though the back-end is correct, neat


in the windows browser it is also neat:

In fact, one of the obstacles is that the image resolutions are different, even if the size is forced through the editor, wpbakery, classic or element, the end result is not necessarily consistent, because every browser has a different operating system.

temporarily shut down the cache system first.

GTMeric values ​​are B and D.

Clear cache hummingbird pro.


You can set the resolution for image display, using the smallest resolution, for example a 150 × 150 thumbnail

a solution so that the display of images can be consistent in size, namely the imposition of using 150 × 150 thumbnails for all image sizes.

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