Satan’s Strategy for Man to Follow Him

Imam Ibn al-Qayyim -rahimahullah- mentions in the book Al-Bada’iul Fawaaid at the end of the second juz:

“Indeed, the devil invites people to 6 things. It only moves to the second thing when the first thing does not work out.

1. Inviting him to do shirk & kufr. If this is successful, it means that Satan has won & is no longer busy with him.

2. If unsuccessful, Satan will invite him to do heresy. If you have fallen into it, then the devil will make the bid’ah beautiful in his eyes until he is willing and the devil makes him satisfied with that bid’ah.

3. If it doesn’t work either, Satan will plunge Him into grave sins.

4. If it does not work, the devil will plunge it into small sins.

5. If it turns out to be unsuccessful as well, the devil will preoccupy him with permissible things until he forgets to worship.

6. If it does not work well, the devil will cradle him with less important things until he ignores the most important things.

• If it fails too, then Satan will do the last trick, rarely people who survived him even the prophets and apostles. That is to mobilize armies of human kind to attack those who hold fast to their religion. ”

Hope it is useful ! Baarakallahufiykum.

(Al-Akh Abu Umar Andri Maadsa)


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