Manipulation To Exit Google Sandbox

If you do not understand what is the Google Sandbox, please read the article on google.

Since I play ads to get additional money from the internet, sometimes shit happen and hit the black-hat seo, and my web enter into Google Sandbox.

Actually, the Google sandbox does not diminish our index results in google or remove from search engines, but the results of our web index to be away from the Google SERP. If not understand what the Google SERP, ask again to si mbah.

Some common things that happen why your site enter the Google Sandbox is copy paste other web content to our website and ping excess (more than 4 times) in one day.

There are several manipulations that we can try, so that the web can get out of the trap sanbox …. (I can not guarantee definitely out) … ie:

  1. Periodically pinging to Google Ping for example, a maximum of 1 day one ping
  2. Regularly carry out checks on the sanbox affected blog / article
  3. Perform blog walking to get backlinks that point to articles that are exposed to the sandbox
  4. Many-many share the article are exposed sandbox to social media .

Hope it is useful

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