Key messages from Telkom Director at the opening speech of TPCC Launching

  • Investing in People is the first and the most important strategic initiatives in Telkom, as this is the long term investment and the best heritage could be given to the next generation, and for the nation development, not only thinking for Telkom development
  • Human Capital Management divided only in 3: Character (level spiritual / ruh), Competence (level rasa & rasio), Compensation (level raga), so make sure we are all in the maximum level type (people with character)
  • PT Telkom Indonesia is the first company who owns Senior Manager in Spiritual Capital Management as a belief that Spiritual Quotient is the highest human intelligent level
  • Great Leaders could “create” better leaders than themselves, as Leader is like a Father (proud if his/her son is more successful than him/her)
  • Center of Excellence of Telkom is 3: Chiefship, Competence, Certification
  • Attitude – Knowledge – Skill (AKS) will be the Telkom CEO’s message, as value based relate to Attitude & Character
  • Leadership is only about managing people, as others are related to work that linked to knowledge-skill
  • Telkom starts think and act globally, starting by having 100 persons go global this year, 1000 next year with global competence standards
  • Give more opportunities to the younger ones as we are a big family, as they are becoming great people to create great company


Key messages from Telkom Director at the opening speech of TPCC Launching

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