Include prayer in everyday expressions, so we are rewarded and blessed

We are Muslims

Taught prayers and goodness
By our example the
Prophet Muhammad sallallaahu ‘alaihi wa sallam

Immediately change the habit of saying:

1. RIP (Rest in Peace) with a brief prayer:

رَحِمَهُ اللَّهُ
(May Allah have mercy)

2. GWS (get well soon soon) ) with a

quick prayer: ﻻَ ﺑَﺄْﺱَ ﻃَﻬُﻮْﺭٌ ﺇِﻥْ ﺷَﺎﺀَ ﺍﻟﻠﻪُ

“Laa ba’-sa thahuurun insyaaallah”

Never mind , may your pain cleanse you from sins, God willing. [1]

3. Bye-bye, -WELCOME staying- with quick prayer:

أستودعكم الله الذي لا تضيع ودائعه

“Astaudi’ukumullaahal-ladzii tadhii’u wa laa-i’uh daa.”

It means:
I entrust you to Allah that will not be left his deposit. [2]

4. Thank You with a quick prayer:

جزاك الله خيرا

“Jazaakallaahu Khairan.” (Adjust dhamir / pronouns “

May God reward you with goodness. [3]

1. Not meaning we anti-total with English, but this is a matter of HABITS and it should be noted also the meanings of these things which may not be in accordance with Shari’a

2. Can also be combined such as

“Thank you wa jazakumullahu khaira”

“Goodbye yes,” Astaudi’ukumullaahal-ladzii laa tadhii’u wa daa- i’uh. “

” Get well soon, Laa ba’-sa thahuurun insyaaallah “(especially our interlocutors use English)

3. There are many other concise prayers that are quite easily memorized and made into a habit. We should not underestimate these brief prayers, because we ask the Almighty God.

@ Yogyakarta Beloved

Author: Raehanul Bahraen



[1] HR. Al-Bukhari no. 5656

[2] HR. Ahmad 2/403, Ibn Majah 2/943, and see Sahih Ibn Majah 2/133

[3] HR.Tirmidzi

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