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Have a new business? And always want to live? Pursue excellent service!

In doing business, we are faced with people who are very often interact with our business, both buyers, suppliers and our resellers. It is no less important that we put forward is to provide good services so that they would be quite happy to interact and do business with us. Of course, by providing excellent services special for survival and comfort in doing business. Excellent service is usually very closely linked to the business services that are carried out in an attempt to provide a sense of satisfaction and foster confidence in the customers or consumers, so that customers feel themselves overlooked or considered properly.

The importance of excellent service to the customer is also a strategy in order to win the competition. But not enough to just give you a sense of satisfaction and attention to customers, more than it is how to respond to the wishes of the customer, which can cause a positive impression on the customer. Excellent service should be supported by the quality of human resources that are reliable, have a vision of the far future and can develop strategies and tips that have excellent service excellence.

In addition, efforts should be made continuously to improve the ability of businesses that directly provide services in order to foster dedication and provide the best service to the customers to remain loyal to use our products and services, without a chance again glance or use another product. We do not realize how important excellent service to customers for the success of excellent service that can also cause things as follows;

  1. Excellent service may cause the decision of the customer to immediately buy the products that we offer at that time,
  2. Excellent service can foster customers’ confidence in our products,
  3. Excellent service is expected to retain the customers to remain loyal (faithful) using our products,
  4. Excellent service is expected to encourage customers to come back again to buy our products, and
  5. Excellent service can prevent the occurrence of unnecessary claims against the seller.

There is a “3 Basic Concepts” in the Service Excellence Performance is expected to support the business, known as 3A Concept include:



The success of the business services industry will largely depend on the people involved. Expected service attitude embedded in businesses is a good attitude, friendly, full of sympathetic, and have a high tolerance to customers. Customers will assess the company of first impression in touch with the people involved in the company.



In conducting the service, an entrepreneur in the field of services should always pay attention and look at the customer’s wishes. If customers have already shown interest to purchase goods / services that we offer, immediately serve those customers and offering assistance, so that customers feel satisfied and fulfilled his wish. Simple things such as greeting the opening of talks, asking what the customer desires, listen and understand the customer’s wishes, serve customers with fast, accurate and friendly, as well as putting the interests of the customer in number 1 (number one person).



On the concept of attention, customers “showed interest” to buy the products that we offer. On the concept of customer actions had “dropped the option” to buy the product he wants. The creation of the communication process on the concept of this action was a response to customer who has dropped his choice, so that there was a transaction. Simpler forms of services based on the concept of measures such as customer orders immediately noted, reiterated the need / customer orders, customer orders complete the payment transaction and do not forget to thank the accompaniment of customer expectations will be back again.

That is the enormity of a service that should be given to our customers throughout the business that we run, and simply to provide a magnet well as the key to bind tips on real market access by relying on their demand that never stops and is always continuous. Good luck….



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