General Provisions for New Normal Institute of Higher Education Telkom Education Foundation


  1. Health screening for educators, TPAs, and students to ensure their health conditions do not have the potential to transmit or contract Covid-19
  2. Screening zone of residence of educators, TPAs, and students to ensure that their residence
    is not an epicenter of Covid-19 transmission
  3. Educators, TPAs, and students download the Care Protect application to track locations and prevent the spread of Covid-19
  4. Prepare campus facilities and infrastructure in accordance with Covid-19 health protocol standards (Hand sanitizer, sink, soap, etc.)
  5. Covid-19 prevention socialization and education for campus residents directly and through the media
  6. Students study on campus and from home in turn to avoid crowds
  7. Distance control with the principles of social distancing and physical distancing


  1. Covid-19 prevention socialization through banners or x-banners installed in front of the campus and public places in the campus environment
  2. Provides a place to take measurements of body temperature using a thermo gun to conduct a health screening process before entering the campus environment.
  3. Providing wash basins / wash basins, complete with soap and hand sanitizers at several points, especially around classrooms, laboratories, offices, and other strategic places as needed
  4. Manage traffic in and out of employee / student routes to avoid crowds
  5. Arrangement of elevator usage (giving distance, stand direction, etc.)
  6. Organizational use of campus facilities (Laboratories, UKM rooms, sports facilities, etc.)
  7. Set the distance with a minimum distance of 1 meter between students or employees.
  8. Bring each other’s worship equipment
  9. Perform regular cleaning / spraying of disinfectants on campus facilities and infrastructure after shared use

New Normal Class

  1. Setting lecture schedules for students (50% study from home, 50% doing face-to-face lectures on campus)
  2. Must wash your hands with hand sanitizer or soap and running water before entering the classroom
  3. Students are required to set the distance of the desk / chair with the table / chair of other students at least 1 meter or sit according to a predetermined distance
  4. During the teaching and learning process, students are still required to use masks
  5. It is recommended for all students to bring their own ATK so they do not make physical contact

New Normal Canteen

  1. Must wash your hands with hand sanitizer or soap and running water before entering the canteen
  2. Required to set the distance of the desk / chair to the table / chair of other students at least 1 meter or sit according to the instructions, if the condition of the canteen does not allow it is advisable to take away
  3. Buffet meals are not allowed
  4. Bring your own tableware and drinks
  5. Try the transaction in non-cash

New Normal Place of Worship

  1. Before entering the mosque area, body temperature is checked
  2. Wash your hands using soap that has been provided at the ablution before entering the place of worship
  3. The settings for worship are adjusted to the worship protocol by adjusting the distance between worshipers at least 1 meter
  4. When worship is still required to use a mask
  5. Must bring their own religious equipment and supplies

New Normal Dormitory

  1. All boarders must show a Certificate of Health / Covid-19 Free (Minimum Rapid test)
  2. Check body temperature at the entrance of the dormitory building
  3. Wash hands with running water + soap or hand sanitizer before entering the dormitory building
  4. Previous room capacity settings for 1 room with 4 people, so that a maximum of 1 room for 2 people can be adjusted
  5. Use tableware and bath each
  6. Record in and out of dormitory students with the Care Protect application to detect the risk of exposure to covid-19
  7. Enforcement curfew rules for boarders

Prevent Covid-19

1. Use a Mask
2. Diligent washing hands with soap / hand sanitizer
3. Keep a minimum distance of 1 meter

This provision was made on 10 June 2020 in Bandung.

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