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Fireworks law for Muslims

Some scholars stressed that lighting fireworks, especially those that cause loud banging, are strictly forbidden. Among the scholars who assert this is a person who has the title of the age of fiqhuz (fiqh expert of this century), Shaykh Muhammad bin Shaleh Al-Utsaimin rahimahullah. In his fatwa collection, he gave a reason, why fireworks are prohibited.

He said,

“What I know, buying and selling fireworks (which makes sounds), is haraam, for two reasons:
First, lighting fireworks is a form of wasting property. Whereas wasting property is prohibited. The Prophet sallallaahu ‘alaihi wa sallam said,

“Surely Allah hates three things for you; rumors, wasting wealth, and asking lots of questions. “(Narrated by Bukkhari, no.1407)

Wasting the Forbidden Treasure
Wasting Treasure is Forbidden 

In Syarh Muntaha Al-Iradat, when explaining the conditions when a person is allowed to hold property, it is stated:
Among the conditions, he can protect the assets he has, so that they are not spent on something that is not useful, such as lighting firecrackers and the like. (Syarh Muntaha Al-Iradat, 5: 419)
Second, such objects are very disturbing to others, especially the shocking sound of his voice. Sometimes it can even trigger a fire.

Then Shaykh Utsaimin said,

We are of the opinion that firecrackers are illegitimate, must not be traded. (Majmu ‘Fatawa Ibn Utsaimin, Da’wah and Guidance Center at Unaizah, 3: 3)

lighting fireworks in the middle of the night, contrary to the instructions of the Prophet  sallallaahu ‘alaihi wa sallam  to sleep early in the night, and not staying up late. From Abu Barzah Al-Aslami he tells about the custom of the Prophet  sallallaahu ‘alaihi wa sallam ,

وَكَانَ يَكْرَهُ النَّوْمَ قَبْلَهَا وَالْحَدِيثَ بَعْدَهَا

The Prophet  sallallaahu ‘alaihi wa sallam  hates sleeping before evening prayer’ and chatting after isya ‘(Narrated by Bukhari, no.599)

As-Shan’ani said, “The Prophet  sallallaahu ‘alaihi wa sallam  hates sleeping before evening’, so that people who sleep are not ‘too far’ so out of prayer time. While he hates chatting after evening, because the chat will be the end of his deeds on that day. If he doesn’t talk then he can sleep after getting forgiveness of sins with his evening prayer. Besides that, so that his chat activities do not cause him to leave the midnight prayer. “( Subulus Salam , 1: 161)

It’s just that the scholars explain it is possible to stay up at night if there are important matters, such as studying, writing, studying a matter, reading the Koran, chatting with family or something like that. But again, this is permissible if there are important matters and there are benefits for religion and society. While we are all aware that fireworks, while blowing trumpets, screaming, are not useful at all. On the contrary, it is a habit of people who are infatuated with clubbing (read: gemblung world).

We are sure, you who have faith and love for Islam, will feel uncomfortable seeing such an atmosphere. But it’s really surprising, why do so many people enjoy it ??

Party Such that is essentially celebrate the new year. Though it has been confirmed before, the new year is not at all the Muslim holiday, but purely infiltration from the culture of the infidels. You can get complete information at: celebrate-year-new .

Next, let us strive to become strong believers. Become a Muslim who is proud of his religion. Not easily influenced by cultural currents and conspiracies of Jewish hegemony. Be aware, young Muslims … put aside the passions …, be a person who cares about your religion …, in fact your future is highly expected.

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