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SEO (Search Engine Optimizatoin) is the process by which your blog is found in a search engine. Requirements for your blog SEO is a SEO template, responsive, User Friendly.
In this article we can check the value of your SEO. And don’t bother to check SEO yourself. Now there are tools to check your blog SEO or not?

Usually the elements of evaluation for your blog SEO are tags, keywords, backlinks, Domain Authority, etc. When your value comes from checking SEO tools you can know the value of your blog’s SEO, your blog’s weaknesses and your blog’s strengths.

On Google there are now many sites to check SEO. In this article I want to share SEO check tools that I know about. Here are the tools to check the SEO value of your blog:


Check out

Check site on is not much different from the site But on the site also has advantages. The advantage of this site is the value of Domain Authority, the distribution of data through social media, display alexa rank. Here we can know how fix parts of the blog that have problems. Just check here


SEO sitecheckup

On this site we can choose the parts we want to check. This site if your blog has an error on your blog. Later you will be given a way to fix it. The advantages on this site are the SEO Friendly URL test, server and security tests, google analytics test. If you want to try it just click here



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