Don’t Excessive Stocks For Some of The Following Items

During lockdowns like this, most people choose to have a lot of food in their homes. But did you know? there are some items that are not only food, have a time limit for storage, and if the time limit has been reached, it is no longer useful.


  1. Most drinks are brews have a life span of three to six months, depending on the type of drink, the contents in it, how it is packaged, and whether it is stored in the refrigerator or stored at room temperature. Drinks that are past their time will not kill you, but they also taste bad.
    Prefer soda drinks? especially if you drink diet soft drinks. Real Simple says you only have a few months after the “best on” date before the quality starts to decline.Diet Soda
  2. Fresh vegetables / fruits Vegetables and fresh fruits, even if stored in a home refrigerator, will continue to deteriorate. It could be too wet, causing a lot of rot in some parts, or even dry, thus losing nutrients.
    It is best to only stock vegetables and fruits only for certain events which do require a lot of vegetables and fruit.
    At this time, local stores around the house already sell a variety of fruits and vegetables, so it is better if you need fruits and vegetables to be purchased through the shops around your home, no need to buy to the supermarket and stock in large quantities.Produce
  3. Detergent cleaning Sometimes the large detergent bottle may be a tempting product to buy, but it should be postponed unless you really wash large amounts of clothes. If you prefer liquid or powder detergents, they usually only maintain all of their cleaning power for six months to a year, according to Good Housekeeping. After that, they begin to lose their effectiveness.
    Even worse for dishwashing detergents: You will only get about three months of effectiveness, says Good Housekeeping. If you prefer to wash dishes by hand, you will get a longer detergent life of up to 18 months than ordinary dish soap.Dish Washing Detergent
  4. Masaskara make-up products and liquid eyeliners, both of which can deteriorate in just three months, according to Good Housekeeping. Eye cream only has six months. Bulk purchases are safer for powdered eye shadows and pencils, which is good for up to two years.Liquid and Cream Eye Makeup
  5. Lotion The famous expensive sunscreen can be tempting to buy, but be careful to store it in a cold environment. That’s because ingredients that protect us from harmful sunlight can actually start breaking down in heat, which can make you burn even after applying sunscreen.Sunscreen
  6. Clothing bleach Buying a jumbo size bottle may not be the best step. Real Simple says this is only effective for up to six months. Clorox notes that the active ingredient, sodium hypochlorite, breaks down naturally, especially at extreme temperatures. Even bleach that is always kept at room temperature must be replaced after one year, the company suggests.
    Clorox Ordinary Liquid Bleach
  7. Diaper diapers are products that should be avoided bought in large quantities because babies grow very fast. A sudden growth spurt can make diaper sizes quickly unused. Diapers are available in many stores / places at cheaper prices.Diaper
  8. Probiotics Most vitamins and food supplements can last long enough – about two years, according to The New York Times – the same thing doesn’t apply to probiotics. Only about a year before they must be disposed of, and pay attention to storage instructions: Some will require cooling.Probiotics
  9. Skin care products Many skin care products have a short shelf life. According to Allure: hydroquinone cream used to lighten freckles and age spots (2-3 months); skin and mask (3 months); acne treatment (4-6 months); and retinoid creams that perfect the skin (9-11 months). In addition, beware of anything sold in jars: Dipping repeatedly makes the product more exposed to air, light, and bacteria, experts told The New York Times.Skin care products
  10. Whole wheat Whole wheat does not stay fresh as long as it is open. Whole grains will last up to six months in an airtight container in the pantry. Whole wheat flour and flour only last for a few months.Whole Wheat
  11. SerealCereal is one of the most popular items on supermarket shelves, which means you can get great deals / discounts because sales are frequent, according to Clark Howard. Of course, you also need to consider freshness before buying large quantities – no one likes stale food. And once opened, the large cereal box will start to stale in two or three months, according to Still Tasty.Cereals
  12. CoffeecoffeeIn general, whether you buy coffee at a cafe or a supermarket: Whole beans last longer than ground coffee. Unopened, a bag of beans will last from 6 to 9 months, in some cases up to one year depending on how it is stored, and ground coffee will last for several months. Assuming you grind the beans every day and store the rest properly, you can store them in the kitchen for a minute. But if you buy 5 pounds of Colombian ground coffee, the freshness clock starts ticking as soon as you open it. The San Francisco Bay Coffee Co., which is sold at Costco and other large box stores, recommends storing ground coffee in an airtight container without cooling and using it as quickly as possible. The longer it is stored, the more flavor that is lost. If you like instant coffee, please open immediately and consume. Freeze-dried material will last up to 20 years without opening.
  13. Herbs and spicesHerbs and spicesAccording to McCormick and Co. Powdered spices and dried spices will last for up to three years and whole spices for up to four, but the seasoning mix will only last for one year. After your spices have passed their best date, your spices won’t turn rancid or get worse. But their taste and aroma will pass its peak. Exposure to moisture, heat, or sunlight will also reduce taste.
  14. HerbsSeasoningAlmost all bottles of tomato sauce, mustard, or mayonnaise will be stamped with an expiration date or “best on”, you should not consume it if it is past that date. If a bottle of soy sauce has been stored unopened in a cool dry kitchen, and you open it one day after the “best on” date, it’s still safe to eat. But that sauce – any sauce, really – will only last for six months after opening and storing it in the fridge. Newly made salsa lasts only one week, but mustard can last a full year. See the application from Foodkeeper for more food data.
  15. Obat OTCIbuprofenAspirin, ibuprofen, decongestants, and other OTC drugs are required by law to bring an expiration date. But what is shown is just how long the manufacturer can guarantee its full effectiveness. In other words, if you experience a headache and you take a decongestant that is six months past its expiration date, you will still experience a little relief. However, you also need to be realistic about how often you and your family use OTC drugs and whether you should buy a one-year antihistamine just because you need to.
  16. Cake FlourBaking powder and flour

    You have to be a busy baker if you want to use every last spoonful of baking ingredients that you buy, for example like baking powder. It only has a shelf life of around nine months. All-purpose flour lasts about one year if stored in an airtight container, but whole wheat flour only lasts one to three months. Difference? Whole wheat flour still contains a number of oils from germs that can be oxidized and damaged if not stored properly.

  17. Canned Fruits and VegetablesCanned Fruits and Vegetables

    Canned food can last up to five years as long as they remain closed and stored in a stable environment, according to the US Department of Agriculture. But the shelf life depends on the type of food in the can. Tomatoes, pineapples, and other high-acid foods only last 12 to 18 months; low-acid foods such as tuna or most vegetables, can last three to five years. There is also a problem keeping fresh food scraps after you open the can. The USDA says low-acid foods only last about a week in the refrigerator; High acid foods are only good for two or three days.

  18. Toilet paperToilet paper

    Aside from the fact that you will need plenty of storage space for a large package of toilet paper in your warehouse. The fact is that there are already many stalls selling it, and there are always discounts at supermarkets for certain tissue products, so buy as needed.

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